For Celebrants

Are you new to the celebrant world? Or, are you an experienced celebrant, looking for a different way to do things? Do you have a situation you have not previously dealt with and need someone to brainstorm or problem solve with, quickly and judgement free?

No matter what stage you are at on your celebrant journey, we all need a network, a business buddy, and a sounding board. As celebrants, we rarely get to see each other in action, performing ceremonies or interacting with our clients. It can be difficult to know you are on the right track or to get feedback from fellow industry professionals, but that feedback can be invaluable.

You know you are/will be great – you just need some awesome tips, that really work, from someone you can trust.

I have introduced a PICK MY BRAIN SESSION as an opportunity for fellow celebrants to ask for help with, quite literally, anything you can think of! I would love to empower you by sharing my best tips and tricks, learned throughout my 13 years (so far!) of celebrant and ceremony experience. You guide the session, asking for exactly the help you need, when you need it.

This is not a mentoring program that costs $X,000’s – this is an opportunity to connect and learn practical skills, in a timeframe that suits our busy lives. If you need more help, book another session, anytime!

Book a PICK MY BRAIN SESSION with me, and let’s get to know each other!

Melodie Ristic

Photo credit: The Branding Photographers

$60 per 30 min session
Ask me anything! Some great topics we can chat about could be
The initial interview: how to start the conversation and keep it flowing
How to host an effective rehearsal
Wedding expos: how to use them to your best advantage
Not a fan of automation? Neither am I! Let’s talk about budget friendly, practical tools that can help with day to day organisation, but keep your client interactions personal
Awkward situations – and how to overcome them
Positioning on the day
Including older children in the ceremony with less cringe
What to do when taking over a ceremony from another celebrant
Asking for client feedback, the easy way
How to use Lifelink NSW to your best advantage
And so much more…!